I'm Christine Job

I’m an American expat that specializes in creating  sustainable revenue-generating sales strategies in alignment with your unique service and message to fund your life abroad.

Brands I've Worked With

Multi-Passionate, Intentional, American Expat

Christine Job advises businesses, produces events and creates content internationally that promote high vibrational thinking, believing, acting, interacting and living. Christine is from Atlanta but currently residing in Barcelona. 

Yeah, but What does she do?

Christine is a business development consultant for solopreneurs, micro businesses and small businesses within the holistic wellness and natural products industry. She provides the structure, focus and accountability to accelerate brand growth.  

Her strategic process is designed to take the entrepreneur from ideation, strategy, to launch and to scale pre-existing “side hustles” into thriving, sustainable businesses.

As a strategist she works with clients to uncover their purpose, live in alignment with that purpose and share that with the world. One of  her deepest joys is working with entrepreneurial clients. 

She is committed to cultivating an engaged and active community no matter where in the world she is and as such when she lived in Atlanta, she was an organizer of Pecha Kucha Atlanta (an organization that brings innovation, design, community happenings, compelling storytelling to Atlanta through concise presentation). She also sat on the Planning Committee of the 2016 National Poetry Slam Competition.

She was also a member of the leadership team of Kinetic Ascent, an interfaith community comprised of socially-aware young professionals that cultivate unity through empowerment, honoring all people on their spiritual journeys, and inspiring each other to live abundant lives.  As a leader of Kinetic Ascent, she assisted growing the organization to a meeting group of 3 to a formal and impactful organization with over 100 members who have had a transformative impact on the city of Atlanta through community organizing, activism and community service. 

Christine creates content  about entrepreneurship, micro, and small business, legal implications for businesses, personal development, community engagement, sustainability, holistic wellness, and fitness. However, the intersection of mindfulness, authenticity, and business (doing well, by doing good) is her sweet spot.  In her forthcoming book, “I Do What I Want: A Guide to an Unapolegetically Vibrant Life,” she uses her life as an experiment in the application and practice of Universal Truths, as she explores such themes as purpose, appreciation, living an authentic life, creating the life you want, surrender, mindfulness, joyful living, plant-based living and harmonious living.

My Portfolio

SeekerFest is a festival that celebrates the convergence of Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality and Science into Universal Truths through music, art, lectures, discussions, poetry, movement and fellowship. It is a festival that educates young people on the many pathways to Universal Truth, while creating space for individual discernment.

I’m from Atlanta and now I call Barcelona home. However, I’m fortunate to work with clients all around the world.

And why does she do all of this?

She firmly believes entrepreneurship is a method of self-actualization and enjoys guiding entrepreneurs to uncovering their purpose and life’s work. 

She strongly believes in doing well by doing good.

How do I work with Christine?


Before she takes on a project, client, or collaborative partner Christine always has a conversation to assess resonance. She ensures that her values, work ethic, personal compass and professional philosophy are in alignment with the opportunity. 

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